Reducing plastics. #Climate change solutions?


By Rudo Matsveru

Plastic bags are very essential for packaging as they are lightweight, durable, cheap and also convenient shopping bags. Despite their benefits, they also have negative impacts to the environment as they are thrown away to landfills yet they are not recyclable.

When heated by the sun, the plastic emit greenhouse gases, leading to an alarming feedback loop. As our climate changes, the planet gets hotter, the plastic breaks down into more methane and ethylene, increasing the rate of climate change.

People should therefore shift to reusable renewable bags to reduce plastic production. There are some products that can be bought without plastic wrapping. For example, fruits such as bananas, oranges can be purchased without plastic wraps. Companies should consider minimizing plastic wrapping for their products. Some products have unnecessary layers of wrapping paper. Let’s minimize plastic use in whatever way we can.

This is because they are environmentally friendly and the conserve non-renewable resources of energy as petroleum and also reduces the emission of carbon gases since the materials used are plant-based. There is also need for awareness and educating consumers on the issue of climate change.

Reducing plastics. #Climate change solutions?