About Us

Research and Education for Sustainable Actions

RESA works with various stakeholders in biodiversity monitoring, assessments, sustainable harvesting and value addition of natural resources. We have exciting events that engage people of various ages across racial and ethnic groups. If you are keen on participating in any of our activities, please check our news and upcoming events and get in touch with us.

Objectives of RESA

  • Conservation of flora and fauna- Undertake programs that precipitate long-term nature conservation benefits of the flora and fauna in Zimbabwe through research and advocacy.
  • Preservation of natural habitats- Promote preservation of natural habitats through carrying out of restoration projects in degraded areas, designing conservation strategies for natural habitats and long term monitoring of natural habitats.
  • Value addition of natural products - Foster sustainable harvesting and value addition of biodiversity products.
  • Inspire the general public to conserve biodiversity- Conduct capacity building programs, awareness campaigns, support advocacy and policy development to inspire the public to conserve biodiversity.


We provide the following Services

Bee identification Services in Zimbabwe

Taxonomy of bee species in Zimbabwe

Statistical analysis Services in Zimbabwe

Research designs and analysis of ecological data.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Evaluate potential and known impacts of human activities on the ecosystem

Consultation on bee conservation activities

Offer extension services on bee conservation strategies and domestication.

Development of pollinator gardens

Extension services on the establishment of bee habitats or improvement of habitats for bees.

Bee keeping training services in Zimbabwe

Conduct trainings on individuals and groups on domestication of bees.