Impacts of Covid19

By Rudo Matsveru - 07/07/2021

The covid-19 pandemic is believed to have evolved from wildlife. Considering the emphasis on wildlife being the source of covid-19, perception of the public towards wildlife are of primary concern to conservation.

Recent study ( conducted in Zimbabwe shows people’s reactions to the covid-19 pandemic in relation to wildlife conservation.

  • The public showed support for the ban on the consumption of wildlife meat and wildlife trade as a way of preventing corona viruses infecting humans. This may be a positive development for wildlife conservation as it reduces hunting pressure on wildlife.
  • However, there were also those who advocated for total destruction of wildlife animals implicated to be sources of covid-19. There are therefore fears that these animals may be persecuted in the wild.
  • Furthermore, the elderly population showed reduced willingness to visit wildlife centres due to fears of covid-19 transmission from wild animals. This perception may negatively impact finance from tourism which sustains conservation activities.
  • Science needs to be clear on how the transmission of these viruses take place to prevent speculations that might be dangerous to the conservation arena. People need to know the specific practices to avoid to prevent future infections by coronaviruses. Wildlife centres may need to educate the public especially the elderly on how their safety from covid-19 is guaranteed in these centres.

    Impact of Covid19